To diagnose the heart condition by its electrical impulses.

Ultrasound examination of the structure and function of the heart.

Holter Monitoring
A 24 hour recording of the electrical activity of the heart.

Cardio Event Monitoring
A month long monitor which may be used to record an EKG during an event.

Measures cardiac output and body fluid content.

Nuclear Cardiology - The IMA Nuclear Medicine suite is a diagnostic adjunct to Cardiology. Here, coronary artery disease is diagnosed by monitoring radioactive tracer chemicals within the heart. First the patient's heart is stressed, either through exercise on a treadmill or by means of a chemical that dilates the arteries. At the peak of stress, a radioactive tracer is injected and travels through the bloodstream to be taken up by the heart muscle cells. Then in the Imaging Room the gamma camera, which is like an x-ray detector, rotates around the patient and sends its information to a computer. The computer synthesizes all the data to create an image of the heart, including any disease which might be present.

Arterial Studies
An evaluation by ultrasound of blood flow in the arteries and narrowing of these vessels.

Pacemaker evaluation and reprogramming.

Stress testing exercise with EKG and Blood Pressure monitoring.

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