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This office is happy to send records to any requesting physician free of charge as long as we have authorization from the patient to do so. We prefer to have this authorization in writing. However, if this patient is well known to us and it is an emergency situation, there may be instances where we waive this and accept a phone authorization. If no one in our office is familiar with the patient’s voice, we will accept a faxed authorization.

In the event an insurance carrier or attorney is requesting medical records, we will require a signed authorization in our hands before releasing the medical records. The insurance company or attorney will be charged according to the size of the chart and payment must be received before the records are released. Every effort will be made to send the chart the week payment is received, however the time frame may be longer, if a staff member is on vacation or if the office is extremely busy.

Patients may also receive copies of their chart for a fee. The first 25 pages will cost $25. If there are less than 25 pages, the flat rate is still $25. If there are more than 25 pages, the additional pages will be charged at 10 cents each. The fee must be received before the chart is copied. We will make every effort to have the copies ready to be picked up in two weeks.

Patients also have a right to review their medical record. Any patient who wishes to review their medical record, shall call and schedule an appointment with Marilyn to sit down and go over their chart. The first 15 minutes is free of charge. After 15 minutes the patient will be charged $25 per fifteen minutes.

If a patient disagrees with a chart entry, they may request a revision in writing. The patient will then be informed in writing if the revision is made, if not the reason for no revision will also be explained.. The patient’s request will be made a permanent part of their medical record.

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